Thursday, September 23, 2010


I had to walk to school today because I am out of gasoline in my big red truck. I realized during lunch that I had my internship to go to today! I had to leave my precious lunch period 20 minutes early so I could walk alllll the waaaay home! As I was walking real fast so I could get everything for my internship, I get a text from my boss, all it says is, "fired!" I was afraid at first then I realized who I was talking to and laughed it off. Haha! Today I am arranging some one's wedding photos in a slide show format, picking out music, and putting it all together. So far it looks really nice. I am really tired today. not in the mood to do anything. Its a good thing  I am not editing photos today. I would get absolutely NOTHING done...

I am going to go get some candy and get back to work.


  1. Does Erin make you buy her candy???

    Tell her she needs to stop eating that crap!

    And don't let her push you around making pit stops at Harts all day. She needs to stop drinking that crap, too!

    Have fun with your internship, can't wait to meet you!


  2. Oh, whoops, I didn't see your other posts. She does make you go to Harts.

    Be strong, and tell her that stuff is crap.

    Making a line in the sand is crucial in the beginning of this relationship.

  3. Jaime, you're going down. But before you do, can you stop at Harts for me?

  4. Intern! So fired for this post. muah ha ha.

  5. I have to say I'm slightly jealous that you are Erin's intern...

  6. Intern - run while you can! Run away! See, I'm photog's sister and she fired me from that, too because I never brought her a Hart's drink during my last visit down there and now she sends me stalker texts. So finally I had to run all the way back to WA.