Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I wish...

I am obviously a photographer. Shouldn't I have a camera? Ummm yes. Do I have a camera?? Ummm. No I don't. Isn't that the lamest thing you've ever heard? A photographer with out a camera! well... I'm working on it. If I had a job I actually worked at I would have a camera already. All weekend I have been seeing things that I want to take pictures of but didn't have a camera to take them with. I was in Salt Lake for fall break. I was staying at a house directly across the street from the State Capital Building. it was gorgeous especially at night! We even got to tour it. The whole time I was walking through and around it I was crying inside that I didn't have anything to document the experience with! Right when I get my camera I am going to party and drive to all the places that I have been to that I wish I could take pictures at! Also while I was in salt lake I got to walk around temple square and on the temple grounds. Another missed photography experience so sad... Wish me luck on my camera funding. Maybe I will put up some of the pictures I took with my dinky digital camera I bought at Walmart.

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