Tuesday, September 21, 2010


So my friend and I decided to go to Harts during lunch to get a drink. My boss gets "mad" at me because I never get her a drink when I go to Harts. The one day I actually get her a drink she shows up at Harts right when I am leaving. I am in a hurry. I have to get my friend back to school before fourth period starts. I run over to my boss, throw it at her. and run to my car.

I got here today and she was looking at what I had accomplished while I was not with her this weekend. she asked if I had edited any photos and I had to say no, she asked if I had written on my blog, I shamefully had to say no... it was super embarrassing so I had to post today.

My job today is to load her suitcases, her red couch, and her black and white chair into the back of her big white van. what a life right!!

My dad owns a chocolate factory. My boss really likes chocolate. I invited her to come with me today to my dad's factory to learn "art of chocolate" (and eat a whole lot) she is excited. she has been really nice to me today, wonder why...

Here are some pictures I took last week while I was here at work that I will edit really fast so it looks like I actually did something this weekend...

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